DETA 6904HA 4 way light switch

This page is yet another work in progress. There are currently two DETA 6904HA units in operation. They have proven to be quite reliable.

They need hardware programming. This is pretty easy to achieve with the appropriate equipment as outlined on the other pages. The difference with the 6904HA is that there are no programming pins available so soldering directly to the pads next to the castlated pins is required.

Otherwise there no issue really. These units came from Bunnings in Melbourne. When I went down to get the second unit I noticed different packaging between what appears to be two models. One model (named the same thing - 6904HA) bad a transparent blue housing while the other had a clear housing. As I couldn't remember what the first switch used I opted to go the the blue which appears to be an older version.

Flashing went flawlessly and the setting used here follow:

{"NAME":"Deta 4G Switch","GPIO":[576,0,0,34,33,224,0,0,226,35,225,227,32,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}

SetOption settings

  • Set TZ:
    Backlog TimeZone +11; timeDST 1,1,10,1,2,660; timeSTD 1,1,4,1,2,600
  • Discoverabiliy
    SetOption19 1
  • WiFi - choose strongest on reboot:
    SetOption56 On