Zappi Car Charger arrives at ElectricBrain

Update 2020-01-14: Minor issue with the Zappi hardware caused the unit to go offline. Chris (tech support engineer at UK) thought is was due to a known issue with diode in an early batch of units. Zach from EVolution (the Australian distributor) came yesterday with the replacement unit and swapped it out under warranty.

Fantastic service, I must say. The new unit has the later version 2.104 firmware loaded in it, but there's no obvious difference.

Zappi Car Charger

It's only been in for about an hour..... gimme time....

Took the car for a short drive yesterday evening. Plugging it in on the charger upon return. Nothing happened, essentially because it was dark.

Here's the power profile for the 24 hours of the following day. It was 37 degrees so the A/C ran continuously and only shutdown about 6:00am (when it got to a chilly 19 degrees). The big spike was in fact the electric oven coming on. It takes about 5Kw when heating up.

The time of interest is about 10:30am to just before lunch. It shows the Zappi's claim to only use solar power is pretty much correct. Verified!! It is in fact the killer app.

Right click and select view image for higher detail

A full charge in to the car from the sun

The Zappi came online at about 10:30am. The power from the grid was faithfully kept to a minimum and actually looks like a few watts went back the other way too.

The new Power Analyzer V2 should be going in this week with any luck is now going. It should be possible to show shows the car's consumption on the graph in a different color superimposed on the green self consumption bars.