Implentation notes

  • Reverse proxy operation with https only mod_proxy. NextCloud won't do redirects to https in location headers. ProxyPassReverse must be used.

           - ProxyPassReverse
  • NextCloud container environment variables

           - OVERWRITEPROTOCOL=https
           - OVERWRITEWEBROOT=nextcloud

  • trusted_domains:
    For anyone else having trouble with this, when it's asking for a trusted domain, it's the domain you GO TO to access NextCloud...not where you're trying to access FROM
  • Using the occ command from within the container requires more memory for the script.
    • Get a shell inside the container
    • change the www-data user's shell: usermod --shell /bin/bash www-data
    • su - www-data
    • cd /var/www/html
    • php -d memory_limit=512M occ <command goes here>
    • change back to the root user: ctrl-d
    • usermod --shell /usr/sbin/nologin www-data

email plugin

  • Basic settings for email

  • Connection details for all electricbrain hosted accounts. Note that external accounts cannot be reached due to security restrictions placed on NextCloud.