Power Analyzer V2

Lastest version of the PowerAnalyzer augmented with current and power measurment.

PowerAnalyzer V2

The principal changes are:

  • the addition of a current sensor
  • the replacement of the voltage sensing transformer with a voltage sensing board
  • the adoption of an industrial grade power supply unit
  • a software upgrade to provide additional measurements

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PSU, AudioScope, CPU PiZeroW, Protoboard, Voltage sensor, Current clamp

Protoboard with 2 channel interface (top)

The resistors are actually 47K not 22K as shown in the circuit diagram (doh!). The 3.5mm jack on the right goes to LineIn on the Fe-Pi Audio Z V2 board (which performs the oscilloscope function).

Protoboard with 2 channel interface (bottom)


Real-time output graphs from the EV-Charger power analyzer:

Installed - see Zappi Car Charger