IOS Export Contacts

Finally after having moved off the iPhone over to Ubuntu Touch last month the task of copying contacts has been completed. There was some anxiety around performing what should be a relatively simple task, and as it turned out it is in fact reasonably simple. One requirement was that Apple's iCloud not be involved in the task (although the data has probably leaked out somewhere even though iCloud was never given permission to see the contacts).

This task needed the services of an app. The only other way involved selecting each and every contact, one at a time, and then sending the contact via email. Alternatively all contacts can by syncronized to the iCloud and then exported from there.

There are counless apps on the app store that claim to be able to perform this function without using iCloud. Unfortunately most of them are designed for a slightly different purpose. The intent here isn't to backup the contacts, but rather to export them to the utopian world of freedom and privacy. Most of the apps tried are "free" as is trial free. They impose time wasting limits on the number of records that can be exported.

Listed on the app store as Export Contacts: Backup, Share this brilliantly simple app just did the job with no fuss


The resulting VCF file can then be emailed across and imported in to any number of contact apps. The VCF file loaded without issue into NextCloud and the Ubuntu Touch contacts app. Problem sovled.