PC Builds (fun stuff)

Here are builds. Had fun with this.

Music by bensound.com

This machine replaced the XEON E3-1245 with NVidia GTX1060 6GB. It had a miniITX mobo, water cooling (Corsair AIO) and 32GB. SSDs for storage and a RAID array or 4 x 2.5 encrypted backup disks. It became too squishy and couldn't go to 64GB RAM. This machine is microATX so it's a tad bigger. As you can see RGB is in! Big time (loads of fun). There's Linux software for that too.

  • Ryzen 3700X - minumum power consumption, maximum grunt.
  • Fan cooled - AMD says don't waste your money on liquid.
  • Thermaltake 5 fan kit. Expensive but seriously good (bling bling). Fans completely stop on cold days. RGB color drivers go from blue (stopped), through green, yellow to red (CPU is hot and running at 100%).
  • Samsung 970 EVO plus 1T.
  • MSI Mortar Max - Regulators are good enough and could even run upgraded 3950.
  • Case is the cheapest money can buy. Amazingly good. It even has a window!!
  • PSU is Gold 80+ type at 550Watts (Corsair).
  • Ram is G-Skill "RGB" 64GB, MSI approved. 3600MHz but it might O/C to 4400 (maybe).
  • Graphics is severly downgraded! Essentially the previous overkill GPU was only ever used for crypto-mining and benchmarking. The new GT 1030, which is actually quite an old design, uses a maximum of 30 watts compared to the massive power consumption of the 1060 which had to have its own PSU cable. The GT 1030 get power from the mobo, so no cables. I literally can't tell the difference (I don't play games as you can probably tell by now).
  • Idle power is down to a remarkable 46 watts.
  • Thermaltake fan kit and linux-thermaltake-rgb driver.
  • 2 old 3.5 HDDs for archive and backup. Spend most of the time idled down.
  • Majority of parts supplied by PC Case Gear. Fans by Scorptec. Both excellent suppliers.