DETA 6911HA Light Switch


{"NAME":"Deta 1G Switch","GPIO":[0,0,0,0,544,0,0,0,0,224,0,0,64,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}

SetOption settings
  • Set TZ:
    Backlog TimeZone +11; timeDST 1,1,10,1,2,660; timeSTD 1,1,4,1,2,600
  • Discoverabiliy
    SetOption19 1
  • WiFi - choose strongest on reboot:
    SetOption56 On


Note on the following linked article:

The header shown in the photo has Vcc (3.3v) on the top pin and Gnd on the bottom pin. The programmer shown is identical to the one used here with the exception that the yellow 6 pin header was removed and the 5v track to the pin cut. An LM3940 3.3v regulator was installed in its place (Note:The 33nf cap and 5.6k resistor on the bottom must be added or the regulator won't run).

The image below shows the flying GPIO0 pin which pokes PIN4 of the module duing powerup. It's a bit hit and miss but a couple of retries sees it work and bring the unit up in programming mode.

Due to the transparent plastic cover literally touching the entire bottom of the board, the header pins had to be removed. The next one might have to be soldered from the top and remain flush on the bottom.

The author of the article above (@cydia2020) also suggests that if you have an unmodified Jaycar programmer then it can be directly attached to the 5v pin on the LED header:

A further reference: