Mitsubishi V2X

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The technology:


Mitsubishi EVP-SS60B3-M7/Y7/Y7W press release (29 Jan 2020)

V2H emergency power and disaster scenarios

  • PG&E Power Shut Downs: Implications and Opportunities for Electric Vehicles
    If you live in Northern California, this past week you could not escape the constant news coverage around PG&E’s planned power shutdowns to roughly 800,000 households and businesses. But there is also a decent chance that your home or business either had the power shut off by PG&E, the largest publicly-owned utility in the US, or it was scheduled to be shutdown.
  • How Electric Vehicles Provide Relief for Japan’s Delicate Grid
    Since the Fukushima crisis, Japan has struggled to balance its grid. So how could the addition of more electricity demand in the form of hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles help?

The Parker Project

The Parker project was a Danish demonstration project focused at Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI).The primary aim of the project was to demonstrate that contemporary electrical vehicles couldparticipate in advanced smart grid services including the use of Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G).

'It was found that CHAdeMO is the only standard which presently supports V2G '

'The tests showed a good performance for the vehicles tested (Nissan Leaf, Nissan Evalia, Peugeot iOn, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV) and can serve as a benchmark for upcoming car models and standards.'

'Further, a study on battery usage has shown that the energy throughput and cycles depends heavily on the service provided. The type of Frequency Containment Reserves (FCR) provided at FF (FCR-N) is by far the most demanding service of the ones investigated.' (Known as "FCAS" in Australia).

Link to the Parker Project