Kibana analytics dropped my street's line voltage

I recently asked my power distributor, United Energy, to drop my line voltage. To my great surprise, they did!

I mentioned to my Solar Installer (Adrian at Urban Renewal - highly recommended) that my analytics had been measuring high line voltage.

High line voltage restricts the amount of energy that can be sent back in to the grid (essentially because Australian Standards requires your inverter to limit output if the line voltage exceeds 253 volts). I was instructed to call my distributor and inform them of the voltage I was measuring.

Line voltage in the street dropped by 5 volts on June 15 and 2:00pm

I followed the instructions given to me, by Adrian, to the letter. I called UE and informed them of measurements of up to 258 volts. UE arranged for a line voltage test (which may have been done remotely, since we have a SmartMeter).

Whatever UE's internal process was, it resulted in a transformer "tap" adjustment being made.

Street transformer

Looking at the Kibana Analytics for the day in question reveals that there was effectively no break in power. Obviously a function which forms part of our so called "gold plating" of the network. It certainly works well.

The line voltage appears to have dropped precisely 5 volts.