Cluster migration off Intel to ARM64
Elasticsearch-OSS Version 7.9.x

The current round upgrades are mostly about moving off Intel nodes over to ARM64 nodes in the Portainerized Swarm. Some search back-ends have already moved to ARM using Elastic's official images. The main analytics cluster is still running on Intel however. Kibana and Logstash are now running on ARM via unofficial images (you're looking at the images right now). This limits the upgrades currently to the 7.9 versions but as Elastic starts providing official ARM64 images these will be retired.

The V2 Power Analyzer is also in trouble with the new Renault ZOE electric whereby the current measuring probe has maxed out. The new 30 amp current clamp is on my desk waiting to be fitted.

This page is a collection of images produced by the analytics cluster and other devices (in near realtime). The data is essentially energy production (solar) and consumption (EV and house) as well as $$ of course.

Import, Export, Import Replacement, Nett Grid, EV-Charger

Power Flow

Rated power flow $$

Import ($0.27), Export ($0.20), Grid ($sum), Import Replacement ($0.27[House] or $0.70[Car fuel])

The hardware:

The docker containers:

  • Elasticsearch-oss
  • Logstash-oss
  • Kibana-oss
  • Filebeat-oss
  • vsftp
  • chrome-headless
  • httpd
  • ElasticHQ

Waveform analysis peak-to-peak, rms, frequency
Real time waveform analysis

Generation with peak/min volts(rms)/frequency(Hz)
Power Generation

The following graphs are produced by the ev-charger power analyzer v2